It's officially Spring! We've been busy in the greenhouses and we're looking forward to opening the Flower Market Stand on weekends starting Saturday May 4. The online store will be open soon but our catalog is now available for you to look through. Click on Spring 2024


Maier Farms Flower Market Stand

430 Phillips Rd.

Webster NY

Phone: 585-265-3273


Open Weekends Starting Saturday May 4, 2024

8 am to 2 pm

Online ordering with be available soon.

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Our Homegrown popcorn is available in two sizes

Homegrown Popcorn

How to make popcorn

  • Air Popper 
Manufacturers instructions.
  • Microwave
The easiest way to make air popped popcorn in the microwave is with a brown paper bag. Simply add ¼ cup popcorn to the bag, fold the top over to trap the steam inside, and microwave it on high heat for two to three
  •  Stove Top 
Use a medium sized pot with lid.  Heat ½ cup of kernels with 1 to 3 tablespoons of oil over medium heat. shake the pan to help the popcorn heat evenly for two to three minutes, until all the kernels have